Is the Brand FIGS Scrubs a Hot Seller on Poshmark?

When it comes to finding popular brands to shop second hand with the purpose of reselling, you want to find those particular fashion labels that hold their value and will sell quickly due to high demand. Most of these types of brands are somewhat predictable based on the popular styles of the moment, but FIGS really came as a surprise to me. This brand of medical industry workwear has taken the reselling industry by storm, and has become a hot trending items on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Vinted and Curtsy.

All About the Clothing Brand FIGS

FIGS is a popular clothing brand that specializes in creating stylish and functional apparel for healthcare professionals. The company was founded in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing the medical apparel industry. Their strong presence on social media platforms has also contributed to their popularity.

FIGS focuses on creating modern and fashionable designs that depart from the traditional, boxy look of traditional medical scrubs. Their apparel incorporates sleek lines, tailored fits, and contemporary color options. FIGS’ designs aim to empower healthcare professionals and allow them to express their personal style while maintaining professionalism.

FIGS offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for both men and women. Their product line includes scrub tops, scrub pants, underscrubs, lab coats, jackets, compression socks, medical bags, and other accessories. The clothing is designed to be comfortable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and equipped with functional features such as ample pockets and antimicrobial properties.

What Poshmark Sellers Say About Selling FIGS

Poshmark resellers are very active in Facebook groups, and you can very quickly get feedback and answers to questions from the selling pros. I asked the seller community what their opinion was on reselling FIGs scrubs online. The answers came back as a resounding yes! FIGS is an amazing brand to resell with great profit margins.

Question I asked the community:

Hello fellow Poshers! I recently saw that the fashion selling app Curtsy listed the scrubs company FIGS as a top selling brand. I’ve never tried selling FIGS before, but I do occasionally see them at Goodwill. Has anyone else had success selling FIGS? Any insight is helpful. Thanks!

I receive the below 26 responses:

  • Terry – “I’ve picked up several pieces and they sell fast!”
  • Danielle – “FIGS is a great scrub brand. If they’re in good condition – I would say YES pick them up. I typically get around $30 for each piece.”
  • Brittany – “Heck yeah!”
  • Jenn – “I’ve heard they are great, I do pick them up. But sadly they are sitting in my death pile. Glad to see others say they are a pick up.”
  • Kathie – “Yes. Pick them up.”
  • Patricia – “I love finding and selling FIGS.”
  • Ashley – “I’ve only found them once but they sold within 48 hours.”
  • Erin – “I’ve sold every pair I’ve ever picked up. That said, demand for them depends on color and style. I’ve sold them all between $30 and $80 per piece.”
  • Michelle – “Yes super fast sellers.”
  • Cece – “Yes they sell fast!
  • Shannon – “LMO, they used to sell a lot quicker and higher than they do now. But they’re still a good bread and butter.”
  • Angela – “I haven’t found them, but everything I’ve heard is definitely grab em.”
  • Kelsey – “I love selling FIGS. I’ve sold two under compression shirts for $40 together, and I am a nurse t-shirt for $35. $1.50 paid for all at the bins. I have a bunch of plus size to list. I would grab them. Also my partner wears scrubs pants and she really really likes certain brands. And I bet FIGS are on a list.”
  • Katrina – “I only found them once and they sold quick.”
  • Carrie – “Yes, FIGS is a great seller.”
  • Melanie – “I have never found FIGS before, but they are on my BOLO (be on the lookout) list to pickup if they are a good price.”
  • Carolyn – “Yes!! They do great for me!!!”
  • Jamie – “I actually do well with any brand of scrubs.”
  • Marina – “Yes they always move fast for me.”
  • Debra – “Interesting! I have a couple that haven’t sold. :(“
  • Michele – “Figs is a great seller for me.”
  • Katie – “They move quickly but not for a ton unless they’re a sought after color.”
  • Bri – “Yes. I also do well on Facebook Marketplace. Joggers do the best. Don’t pay too much. I get mine from the bins. There are specific colors that are no longer for sale (find the greenish one with the orange tag). If you can find the set, even better. Wish you luck!
  • Vir – “I have about 4 items. I only sold one so far.”
  • Cynthia – “I have a 100% sell through rate for FIGS. (I’ve sold every piece I’ve sourced) found 4 more pieces this week!”
  • Stina – “FIGS are expensive retail and do well in the resell world. I would grab them if I came across them at the Goodwill.  I used to sell scrubs in a boutique setting and everyone wanted FIGS, they’re so expensive for a full set! Flip em girl and make that money. :)”

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