DIY Selena Quintanilla Costume with Thrift Store Items

My bestie Brianna is a huge fan of Selena, as well as myself! I was completely blown away by her Selena Halloween costume that she assembled with thrift store finds. This guide will be so helpful for anyone planning themselves to create a Selena costume from clothing and accessories found at your local thrift store.

Who is Selena Quintanilla?

Selena Quintanilla, commonly known as Selena, was a highly influential and beloved Mexican-American singer, songwriter, and fashion icon. She was born on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas, and tragically passed away on March 31, 1995, at the age of 23.

Selena rose to fame as a Tejano music artist, blending traditional Mexican music with contemporary pop and R&B influences. She achieved significant success in the 1990s, becoming known as the “Queen of Tejano Music” and earning numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards.

Selena’s musical style, charisma, and dynamic stage presence resonated with fans across the United States and Latin America. Some of her most popular songs include “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” “Como La Flor,” and “Dreaming of You.”

In addition to her music career, Selena was a fashion trendsetter. She designed and created many of her stage outfits, which often featured bold and eye-catching ensembles, including her signature bustiers, high-waisted pants, and cowboy boots.

Tragically, Selena’s life was cut short when she was murdered by the president of her fan club at the age of 23. Her death deeply impacted her fans, and she has since become an enduring symbol of Latinx pride and inspiration. Selena’s legacy continues to live on through her music, fashion influence, and the cultural impact she made during her short but remarkable career.

Selena’s Top Most Iconic Fashion Moments

Amor Prohibido Music Video

While Selina wears multiple outfits in the Amor Prohibido music video, a common theme is high-waisted jeans paired with a button-down oxford shirt tied at the waist. She has a red shirt, a white shirt and a series of black leather biker vests in various cuts and styles.

Selena Performs Houston Astrodome

Selena wore a stunning purple sequined jumpsuit for her Houston Astrodome performance. Look for a jumpsuit or bodysuit in a vibrant purple color with sequin embellishments. Thrift stores might have vintage options, or you can search for similar styles online or in costume stores. The key to recreating Selena’s Houston Astrodome outfit is to capture her vibrant and glamorous style. Put your own spin on the outfit and embrace the energy and confidence she exuded on stage. Have fun paying tribute to the legendary singer!

White Beaded Bustier

Selena wore an iconic white beaded bustier during a Houston performance in 1994. She beaded the bustier and the boots right before she performed, which makes this a super appropriate DIY project. Look for a white bustier or corset that closely resembles the one Selena wore in her iconic performances. Thrift stores often have a wide selection of lingerie or vintage clothing that could work for this part of the costume.

Red and Silver Matching Bustier with V-Shape Sequin Pants

In the movie Selena where Jennifer Lopez plays an amazing role as Selena, she wears the famous red sequin bra during the Bidi Bidi Bom Bom song montage. This bustier top is encrusted entirely with red and silver sequins, and has black criss cross straps across the chest. The detail in this particular outfit is especially intricate and heavy on the handwork. This iconic requires true dedication to put together.

Black Bustier with Gold and Silver Beaded Details

Selena Quintanilla was known for her stunning stage outfits, including her black bustier with gold and silver beaded details. Recreating this specific look can be done with a black bra and gold and silver beaded appliques. Attach the beaded appliques to the bustier using fabric glue or a needle and thread, depending on the type of appliques you have.

Shop These Items at the Thrift Store for Your Selena Costume

Creating a DIY Selena Quintanilla costume with thrift store items can be a fun and budget-friendly way to pay tribute to the late Tejano singer. Here’s a guide to help you put together your own Selena-inspired outfit.

Bras, Bustier and Corsets

Buying a brand new bustier or corset can be expensive, and it would be hard to take a hot glue gun with gem jewels to such a pricey item. Find a much cheaper version at the thrift store.

High-Waisted Pants or Jeans

Selena was often seen wearing high-waisted pants or jeans. Look for a pair in a light, medium wash, solid black or white that fits you well. You want it to be very fitted to highlight your curves. Check the women’s section for vintage-style jeans or trousers.

Belt with a Large Buckle

Find a belt with a large buckle to cinch in your waist. Opt for a black, white or brown belt with a prominent, eye-catching buckle. The more sparkles the better! You might come across unique options in the men’s section of the thrift store.

Cowboy Boots

Selena was known for her love of cowboy boots. Look for a pair of white or black cowboy boots to complete your costume. Thrift stores often have a good selection of footwear, including vintage boots.

Accessorize Your Selena Costume

To accessorize your costume, look for statement jewelry pieces like hoop earrings, rings, and a statement necklace. Selena often wore gold jewelry, so keep an eye out for pieces that match her style. You can also look for a black hat with a wide brim to emulate one of her signature looks.

Selena Hair and Makeup

For your hair, consider styling it in loose curls or waves, similar to Selena’s iconic hairstyle. If your hair is shorter, you can also try a wig that matches her hair color and style. For makeup, focus on a bold red lip and dramatic eye makeup, including winged eyeliner.


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