Balletcore Style Trend – Best Thrift Store Finds for Outfit Inspiration

Set the Style Barre High

Embrace the barre-inspired trend so that you can plié and pirouette anywhere and everywhere.

In this guide I will provide shopping and wardrobe staples for the balletcore style, most of which you can find at your local thrift store or shopping second hand online.

What exactly is Balletcore style?

The Balletcore style trend incorporates elements of ballet or dance aesthetics tend to focus on grace, elegance, and fluidity. They may include delicate fabrics like tulle, chiffon, or silk, as well as soft pastel colors. Silhouettes can be inspired by ballet costumes, featuring fitted bodices, A-line or tutu-inspired skirts, and delicate details like ribbons, bows, or lace.

What kind of occasions can you wear Balletcore style?

Casual Outings

You can incorporate ballet-inspired pieces into your everyday casual wear. For example, you could wear a tulle skirt with a cozy sweater and ballet flats for a whimsical yet relaxed look.

Romantic Dates

The delicate and feminine nature of balletcore makes it ideal for romantic occasions. A soft, floaty dress or a combination of a lace blouse and a satin slip skirt can create an enchanting and graceful look.

Parties and Celebrations

Balletcore can add a touch of elegance and playfulness to party outfits. Consider wearing a flowing, pastel-colored dress with lace details or opting for a tulle skirt paired with a fitted top for a festive look.

Ballet-Inspired Wardrobe Staples

Flutter Silk Mini and Midi Skirts

Flutter mini and midi skirts can be wonderful additions to a balletcore-inspired outfit. The flouncy and feminine nature of these skirts aligns well with the graceful and whimsical aesthetics of ballet.

Ballerina Satin Ballet Flats

Dance slippers are the most quintessential symbol of ballet. Modern fashion has adapted the style into streetwear slipper shoes that can be worn everyday. The satin fabric, bows and ankle ribbon ties really make the balletcore look come alive.

Knit Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a classic element of ballet attire and can be a charming addition to your balletcore style. Some ideas on how to style leg warmers for a balletcore-inspired look include laying over tights, coordinate the color with your ballet flats, or do contrasting colors on purpose. Wear them with a leotard or mini skirt outfit.

Wrap Tie Waist Tops

Wrap tie waist tops have become a popular style trend due to their versatility and flattering silhouette. They offer a stylish twist to the traditional top by incorporating a wrap design that cinches at the waist with a tie.

Bodysuits and Leotards

Bodysuits and leotards are ideal as the under layer in a ballet-inspired outfit. Pair with satin skirts, tights, leg-warmers, and flats.

Cropped Sweaters and Cardigans

Highlight your waist and build the perfect layered proportions for the balletcore trend. In my own style photos, I wore a tucked bejeweled cardigan paired with a mini flutter skirt.

Lace and Lingerie Tops

Satin fabrics, lace trim and lingerie inspired pieces all lend themselves to the ballet style trend. Especially if you find pastel and baby pink shades and hues.

Midi Silk Slip Dress

Make dressing in the morning quick and easy by slipping on a sleek dress. Wear it to brunch with friends, or out on a date night. It’s so easy to style!

Tulle Skirt

Sex and the City fans know that Carrie’s opening credits outfit is the original balletcore outfit. She wears the famous white mini tulle skirt paid with a nearly sheer white tank and we love this iconic look.

Drop-Waist Mini Dress

The drop-waist style silhouette is very flattering on everyone, especially if you want to hide a tummy. It’s a very easy to wear mini dress, and goes well with ballet flats.

Wrap Skirts

Real life ballerinas wear small wrap skirts over their leotards for dance rehearsal. This style has now gone mainstream, and you can find this style in thrift stores and shopping online.

How to Accessorize your Balletcore Look

Tights and Leggings

One of the most iconic and cornerstone looks of a ballerina is opaque and sheer tights. They can be worn in all kinds of colors, from black to pink or nude shades. For holidays and celebrations you can wear sparkles and jeweled tights for some added pizzazz.

Dainty Gold Jewelry

Avoid styling with big chunky jewelry. Thrift shop for small and dainty jewelry, preferably in a gold-tone.

Pearl Earrings, Pendants and Rings

Pearls have the grace and elegance expected from the balletcore style trend. Opt for stud pearl earrings, dangling pearl pendants and pearl statement rings.

Silk Bows, Scrunchies and Hair Buns

Complete your look with a ballet-inspired hair style. Choose from a high ballet bun, hair bows and silk scrunchies. I myself wore a tight bun with dainty diamond hair pins.


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